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the one nice thing about dragon price drops is that I no longer care if I breed my imp to my skydancer because imp babies just aren’t that profitable anyways so I can breed whoever I want and not give two shits about how much they’ll sell for

Exalting rewards should be based on these factors:



1. base price

2. level

3. battle stones applied (I know this is usually minimal, but whatevs lol )

4. breed rarity

5. genes

6. (bonus) age

FR gives better rewards for abandoning pets than any other game that I’ve played. And that’s still not enough for you?

nah, no, it really isn’t. I don’t play other petsites, I’m not comparing FR to other petsites, I’m just looking critically at the system they’ve set up and seeing massive flaws. If pearlcatchers are supposed to be rarer than plentiful dragons, and mine isn’t selling, I should be getting more to exalt it, plain and simple. Right now commons are selling at exalt fodder prices, simply because it’s so difficult to sell them.

The rarities of dragons is something that has been implemented through the lore and the breeding system, but NOT through the exalting system, and I feel like that’s a huge downfall. The only thing keeping these breeds expensive right now is a reluctance to let them drop in value, but they definitely will continue to drop in value as time goes on unless a base price is established for getting rid of them, since there will always be more supply than demand. Making it easier to expand your lair would be another potential solution to this problem, but it would also mean that there are more dragons still in the system breeding. 

i got some treasure to blow


show me your skydancers and imperials. o:

i have 350k on me right now but will have more when i sell more babies.

i like white/ice/obs primaries but i also adore blue hues.

matching tert & secondary is a plus. 

no speckle, freckle or stripes thanks. would prefer at least double gened.

Male Midnight/Teal/Thistle, 180k

Male Midnight/Azure/Splash, 200k

Crossroads if interested, Linaeve #343 c:

havin a slumber party with friends, fell asleep on the couch

was woken up to go upstairs and sleep in proper bed, realized that it was 1:58 and scrambled to get online and use all my gathering turns and buy one last Arcane Sprite before the festival ended

managed to get it just as the clock hit 0:00

realized it’s only saturday, festival ends tomorrow night

i’m going back to sleep

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